Everyone has heard that carrots are very healthy. There couldn’t be more truth to that because carrot is a threshold when it comes to health. You will see in the following text what diseases carrot does fight and we know that it will take a special place on your table from now on.

Ann Cameron succeeded in fighting cancer in its fourth stage, with no chemotherapy, radiation and radical diet changes. She did it only by drinking carrot juice. She has had a colon cancer surgery, the illness was in its third stage, but then the condition got worse, and the cancer metastasized to her lungs. The lung cancer was in its fourth stage, the lethal stage of the disease.

Fascinating Testimony I Won The Battle With Cancer With The Power Of Carrot!!

She was advised by her doctors to receive chemotherapy, although it wasn’t the solution that is going to save her life. She didn’t agree to that. At the same time, she was reading and doing some research on alternative ways of treatment. She came across a name, Ralph Cole, the man who cured his cancer with the help of carrots, or carrot juice more precisely. He prepared two kilos of carrots every day, drained through a juicer. This was Ann’s starting point, she had nothing to lose and followed Ralph’s recipe. There were times when she would forget to prepare a fresh juice and she would drink one for two or three days, but, it’s important to notice that she didn’t make any changes to her usual diet; she even sometimes ate junk food. She only drank this juice, every day. Six weeks later, the magnetic resonance imaging showed that the tumor has shrunken slightly and the cancer has stopped growing. She kept drinking the carrot juice, and three months later when she went on an examination, she discovered that the tumors have significantly shrunken and no new ones had appeared. The next month the examination had shown that her tumor is gone and all the swollen lymph carcinogen nodes have been normalized. She had consumed the carrot juice for eight months and the cancer was gone. Her story was quickly spread.

The carrot juice can be used as cancer prevention as well, and it should be consumed in quantity of 1 dl every day.

What else is carrot good for?

Anemia: drink 3 dl of carrot juice on a daily basis and use carrots in your meals as well, as puree, in salads, soups etc.

Liver disease: drink half a deciliter fresh carrot juice thrice a day.

Arteriosclerosis: consume 1.5 l of carrot juice on a daily basis, taking few sips at a time.

Carrot juice is good for eliminating worms from children, it is used for a short period of time, 2 dl a day, or it is consumed grated, together with grated apples.

The syrup made from carrots is good not only for children, but for elderly people too, for treating sore throat or for treating lung inflammation in its starting stage, for dealing with colds and flu.

People who suffer from rheumatism should also consume carrot juice because it eliminates toxins from the body. The recommended amount is 3 dl of carrot juice per day.

There is a special way of using carrot juice when we suffer from cataract, feel our body is becoming old or when our body activities are lowered. Then, the carrot juice is mixed with milk and a powerful beverage is gotten. The recipe is: half a cup of milk is mixed with half a cup of carrot juice. This beverage is consumed every day. It works as a body rejuvenator and fights the symptoms of aging.

As you may notice, very often the medicine is right ahead of us and for free, we just need to be well informed.

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